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Our Approach

When Traverston builds a custom application or website, we follow an agile methodology using “lean” development principles to work on aspects of your project in fast iterations where we build, observe, learn, and keep building.

This approach applies to both the design and development of your project. It allows us to learn early about the goals of your project and how we can best achieve those goals. We don’t go too far down a path before verifying that we are on the right track. As they say in carpentry, measure twice and cut once!

Our Tools

We use a proven set of technologies to support the design, the database, the backend and the frontend of your project. Our experience with these technologies allows us to rapidly prototype and expertly build your vision. Quality and performance are non-negotiable.

Our Process

For each custom application or website, there are four distinct project phases, which we call our “4D” process: Discovery, Design, Development and Deployment.

For simple projects like templated websites, these phases can be worked through very quickly. For more complex projects like custom applications or websites, we work in two-week sprints and re-assess short-term goals and roadmap each sprint. Our goal is to provide the most needed functionality, with quality, as fast as possible.

Depending on your needs, we offer training, ongoing support and updates to the application after deployment.

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