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SessionLite is perfect for instructors who want to have better structured, functional online collaboration with their students. The application is designed with music teachers, gym/studio trainers and other instructors in mind.

Music teachers can assemble lesson plans and re-use curriculum. Gym and studio trainers can set up structured fitness classes with embedded files and videos. Session templates allow the same structure to be re-used, so instructors can quickly set up appointments and sessions filled with rich content, and save the session structure to be used again in the future.

Session Template Management

How it’s Built

SessionLite is a responsive web-enabled SaaS with multi-tenant architecture, so each student and instructor signs in under the same organization they register through. This allows many organizations to use the product with segregated accounts and data. The system includes administrative and subscription management for each organization. The organization administrator can manage users, schedules, session templates, the organization’s visible brand and their subscription plan.

The technology stack includes Node.js, MongoDB and Next.js. It features integrations with Stripe, Paddle, FileStack and Sendinblue.

Student Home Screen
Session Admin Screen

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